Monday, June 6, 2016

Knockers- Night Two

Tonight the routine started to kick in for me. Having the first show done with has got me feeling much more at ease and systematic, knowing that we can actually do it. Anahelena's been doing her own makeup for a bit now and it's looking great! I'm feeling incredibly comfortable with their consumes, hair, and makeup now. It's looking exactly like I wanted it to. Transitions are going smoothly and they are... audible. Though I wish they could have gotten louder. They've never given me exactly what I want on volume, but I think that being first in the run doesn't give them anything to go off of. There's no example set so they have nothing to "compete" with for lack of a better word. Which is hard because they get so many laughs and are often times inaudible over the audience.

This is the intro/exit song we used. It's "Hello!" from The Book of Mormon.
Side note: the brown, leather book that Esther holds is actually a Book of Mormon that we found in our props!

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