Monday, June 6, 2016

Brad Stone - Brian Greer

I apologize for the extremely late posting of all these blogs, however these are records from various rehearsals and conversations with actors.

Brad Stone plays the character of Blarney, whom later dons the costume of Riverman. I’ve known Brad from other theatre work at Oregon State University, most notably Bard in the Quad’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I worked with Brad on the biggest stage the university theatre uses, so I knew “big” was easy for him. Though we were in the lab theatre, the show calls for an over-the-top nature. I saw Brad act in Strange Snow, also in the lab theatre, but the style of that show compared to this one was vastly different. When I cast Brad as Blarney, we had a rehearsal in which we just did walking exercises. How does Blarney walk? How does Riverman walk? How does Blarney acting as Riverman walk? His character is multi-layered more so than the other two because he does have that “actor acting as someone acting” level. I obviously thought Brad could do so.

I asked each of my actors five questions to respond to:

What is your character’s primary goal?
I guess he wants recognition. Everything he does is designed to give him the attention. He kills Riverman to get Gary’s attention. He becomes Riverman to voice his concerns to Poulette. Then obviously he becomes Goodman to be himself finally. To follow his desires.

Who does your character trust the most? It does not have to be another character.
Himself, right? I mean he doesn't ask Gary to revolt, he just does it himself.

What is your character’s relation to his parents?
I guess it would be a bad one because he has a life of crime and wants to be recognized. Maybe he was neglected or something.

What is your character’s favorite novel?
I think he's more of a comic book guy, and he loves Batman. Finding out Robin is gay is devastating to him.

Is your character a virgin?
I don’t think he is, but he probably isn't good with women. He doesn't have confidence, and I think it shows. I assume that translates to his love life.

The last is obviously an odd question, but it opens up a very personal side of the character and makes the actor think about something they wouldn't normally think about.

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