Monday, June 6, 2016

Knockers- Third Time's the Charm...?

Anahelena has completely learned how to do her own makeup but we ran into another minor problem. She ran out of grey hair spray the night before. I spent the day looking for more but didn't find any. Corvallis really needs a costume/specialty makeup store. I would keep them in business even if I was their only patron! We wound up finding another bottle in the back of the makeup shelf, thankfully. Tonight was an off night, and it wasn't just my cast. It was still good, but if one show had to be ranked less energy and accuracy than the others, it would be tonight's. Every show has it's slump. From the perspective of an actor I know that it exists but to me it always felt like something went wrong every night. Sitting in the audience, I could tell what that slump looked like. If I hadn't seen the whole run 10 times already, I would have thought nothing of it. But having others to compare it to, especially other performances, I could see the difference. I wasn't thinking about the slump before hand and so I forgot to give my actors a pep talk (which I am terrible at by the way. Ask my actors, they'll tell you). I found myself sitting in the back wishing I had remembered to amp them up before hand. I'll talk to them tomorrow.

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