Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the one acts

Well now it's time for a wrap up. First and foremost I really wish I had been able to view all of my plays but father time is a notoriously unbearable prick to work with and I guess 2/5 could be worse. Looking over the last few weeks I really felt as though my actors pulled together the best show possible in a very short amount of time especially considering that at the beginning of this whole experience the Chris, Rowan and myself were all involved in a different production that shall remain nameless. I had assumed that once things got going it would be easy for me but no even on the eve of the final dress rehearsal I had shit to do. Namely working with Abbey of the timing for the screams and banging. It was awesome and totally last minute. I got a crash course in making cushioned paddle handles and was able to see the complete amalgamation of lots and lots of work. Yay.

There were of course some minor problems here and there, both actors fumbled with lines on stage now and again, there were a few staging snafus and arguably my favorite moment of the last hurdle, one paddle snapping on Abbey and us being down to one. It was later used to break a small table backstage so alls well that ends well. My first staged play is on the book and I really couldn’t have asked for a better team of techies and actors. It wasn’t just fun, it was a complete experience and perhaps the entire thing is best summed up by saying, at least that’s over with. As a final note if this goes on to be the best damn one act written in the twenty-first century and is performed daily all over the world it still isn’t going to compare to this production. I’m a sucker for cheesiness like that.

And now, onto the Oscars!