Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dark King Kills Unicorn-

Well, here is my first blog post about our little show Dark King Kills Unicorn by Reina Hardy. Unfortunately it has taken me this long to be able to get around to getting many of the ideas that I have had over the course of our rehearsal process. We are nearing the final stretch and thing have started to come together to some degree. I think that for this first post, an summary of the play itself.

Dark King Kills Unicorn is part of our Spring One Act Festival. The play itself is a comedy about the confrontation of a dark king named Draegerman and a Unicorn simply named Unicorn. Set in an unknown fantasy world, the two characters talk about what started the current war between countries and love. As tensions between the two escalate, the truth about what started the war and their past comes out and the two come to blows with one another. The Draegerman standing triumphant over the body of the Unicorn is joined by another Unicorn simply known as Other Unicorn, this one being female. The two exchange words over the body of the fallen Unicorn, until the female Unicorn flees, fearing for her life. Regretting his blood rage that resulted in the Unicorns death, he spends his final moments of the play, lamenting a life he could have had.

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