Friday, May 27, 2016

My Hardy Boys

Just a little bit about my Hardy boys. Joel Schmidt and Gabe Nielsen are two best friends, they both went to high school together, and were in multiple shows together. They have an amazing chemistry that was exactly what I was looking for with the Hardy Boys. Joel is a funny, kind, freshman enrolled at LBCC, him and I have been friends for almost a year now, starting with his proposal, which I promptly declined. Gabe has a lovely old soul, he is a hard worker who wants to see the show be a hit! Both are energetic and have a great grasp of physical comedy. Honestly they have been an absolute dream to work with! Some of my favorite notes that I have ever given them are:

"Joel, if you say, 'no it hurts'... then act like it hurts!"
"Gabe, are you a Hunchback? No? then stop being one. Also, are you a t-rex? THEN STOP"
"Joel, where are you looking, the audience is over here."
"Gabe, grab your crotch."
"Joel, you're Frank... Not Joe."
"Good job going down on yourself"

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