Thursday, May 7, 2015

The need for Caffeine!

Well, things are running smoothly. A couple of weeks ago the directors and dramatists went to the Hopkins Forest for the day, so the need for coffee was important, meeting at 8:30am. It was fun, met a lot of people from different departments in Liberal Arts. The car ride up wasn't bad either. I decided not to go on the bus instead rode up with Liz, Elise, Amanda and Joseph. 

The only bad thing that happened that day was that I fell, right after Sam told us to be careful because the ground wet and BOOM!! I fell. Scrapped up my knee, not deep enough to need stitches but it did hurt.

Overall, it was a fun and great day! It just goes to show you that you may come from different worlds but we can come together to create something amazing, like a One Act!!

Until next time!!

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