Monday, May 4, 2015

Well, it is my turn to write a blog entry. This is my first time I have written a blog. I’ll just start by introducing myself to the internet world! Hello random people I may or may not know! My name is Anna Elise Mahaffey (my play writes name is Elise so we share a name! Cool!). I am directing The Mark as a part of the One-Act festival. I am a newer director and have crossed over to the directing world just last year by taking directing classes and directing a one-act for the 2014 festival. I have been involved with theatre and performing for the past decade, plus some years, acting in many roles, assisting backstage, and watching many plays. I love the theatre! It is filled with talent, weirdness, and beautiful expressions of life. Theatre is just plain fun!

I am very excited for the One-Act festival because so many people are involved. After years of hard work, this is a chance for students to put their learned skills to practice from writing, directing, acting, and costume design. There are so many talented people working on this year’s festival and I am proud to have the opportunity to work with them! 

Thanks for reading and following the OSU Theatre blogs as my fellow students and I embark on the One-Act journey. I will have more information and photos of rehearsal to come! 

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