Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cracked out on Caffeine

This week has been pretty crazy. With Dolly West's Kitchen opening and the gala, and so many transitions its a wonder that the One Acts are still on our radar, but they are. The last rehearsal we had went well, the actors are mostly off book and the blocking is complete. We're excited to move forward to the next steps, the fun part like character work and making it really tight. So far we have most of our props, we have our ground plan, and we have our awesome costumers on contact. Some problems that we've run into (and what I've discovered most though the process) is how to deal with transitions. I realized after the fact that I didn't really write in smooth transitions, which is a big challenge fro Teri. The great thing about being at rehearsals and now that I'm done with Lucky Me and I can be at every rehearsal I can bounce ideas back and fourth off of the actors. For example at the last rehearsal I was at we realized that there was an awkward silence when Dutch was hitting Ezra behind the coffee counter.  To solve this at the next rehearsal the actors and Teri started brainstorming some ideas of what to say, like the names of Dutch Bros drinks aka "Annihilator" or "Dutch 911" etc as they are hitting her down. I though this was a really creative solution! This is just one example out of many on how collaborative our cast has been so far.

                                            Here's an example of the brainstorming!

This next week we are looking forward to being off book and to working towards putting finishing touches on transitions and continuing to come up with more ideas that help move the plot forward or help make the intentions clear. For now get your coffee fix for week 7 and we'll see you for the One Act festival!

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