Wednesday, May 13, 2015


        On Sunday night we had a wonderful rehearsal. By this I mean the pieces of the story were coming together and the actors were acting! It was just great. there was lots of energy and everyone had ideas they would try and play around with. The little character moments were coming to life! 

        When directing sometimes I get stuck in my head and what I see is not what is on stage. I may think something is funny or looks great, but the audience may disagree. I guess this is like my biggest fear! I may see the play completely wrong and I am making my actors do weird stuff on stage for everyone to see. Well if they do weird things on stage than it is okay. But really, when the actors, playwright, and I are having a good time then it must be okay. We might be on track. Sunday night was a rehearsal where we all felt like we were moving in the right direction as a team toward something great! 

         We still have a long way to go until opening but it is always exciting to see the work coming together. When we go off book, tonight, there will be a whole new set of problems but it is part of the process. Rehearsal shots soon to come! 

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