Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well everyone,

Here we are. Tech. Tech is the time to get shit done, to put those sound cues in, to get those light cues perfect, and to get those costume changes uh...happening. With every tech there is a learning curve. It's understandably the actor's first time with the lights and sounds which before the stage manager was annoyingly calling out, "lights up!" Now it's the real deal. And it's the light and sound board operator's first time actually seeing the shows in full swing, so there's bound to be some hurry up and wait time. I was actually really impressed on how efficiently it all went once we started. Today was probably the best day because we ran the shows all the way though like we would at a performance instead of just doing a cue-to-cue (which means jumping to the spot where the music or lights change). The main things we dealt with today was costume changes and making transitions faster and cleaner. Seeing as today was the first day with costumes it wasn't too bad. It's just getting better and going faster and I think we can all agree we're a little ancey for opening night.

Reporting on this caffeine epidemic! 

Linda looking a little grubby

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