Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cheep Cheep Blog 4 - Joseph Workman

I had the privilege of doing some crafts work with Mr. Ries this past weekend.  We blew out the contents of over 20 eggs.  Alex had a special knack for it, the blowhard!  But really, it was some good fun.  You poke a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg and... well, put your mouth over one end and blow the contents out the other.  Hopefully we don't get Salmonella poisoning.  Alex posted the video of Modern Mom's demonstrating the technique.  The empty eggs will then be filled with a mixture of corn starch/syrup or something and water, so as not to make things a big smelly mess for Casey or her costume.  They will also break easily, which is nice.  

We had a bit of a scare concerning the readiness of our costumes, but it was quickly remedied and I'm quite pleased and amused by what Cory and Sherry developed.  Cheep Cheep Farms' uniforms consist of yellow shirts and red aprons, as Alex had envisioned.  However, our costumers added a lovely touch by attaching yellow feathers they had ripped from boas.  I think the subtle suggestion of a chicken provides an elegant solution to the original requirement of a full-on chicken suit.  Max even has a silly cap with red plumage and an angled bill to appear as a chicken beak.

I am also proud of Alex for arranging the simplest set of all the shows, consisting of a single wooden fair booth with multiple signs to distinguish a change in location.  The signs are awesome; they've been painted well and with appropriate fonts - the spooky, droopy look of "The Haunted Corn Maze" is my favorite. The bike he pulled (from a roommate, maybe?) is not the brand new shiny red machine I had envisioned.  Instead, is a grimy, flat-tired, rusty grey and blue beast.  I like it.  It's funny to think that Chester skimps out on the prizes, as Sandy recalls having received sub-par gifts in the past for her service.  For her and Maxwell, however, even this worn out model seems a holy grail of a prize.  The best part about it is the excruciatingly slow squeaky-wheel sound it makes as Marge thoughtlessly flaunts her win in front of Maxwell.  Overall, I'm really happy about what we have and am excited seeing the actors interact with our new materials.

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