Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting Closer! - The Mark

       Toward the end of the rehearsal process is always the hardest but the most fun. This whole past week we have been working hard to put all the one-act shows together. Starting this past Tuesday, every actor, director, and playwright gathered into the lab theatre to begin putting all the pieces together. This includes all 4 shows and the dreaded set changes!!! Oh set changes can be the worst! Or the best if done well! It takes skill and practice to make them perfect. The cool thing about the One-Act festival is all the actors also get to be part of the crew and change the sets. Changing sets and moving set pieces is a show in itself and can be fun to watch. Maybe I am just weird, but on Tuesday night I went to bed thinking about set changes in my head. Eventually I went to sleep. Now they are going much smoother! In a couple more days they will be even better! Keep up the good work team! 

       Okay, besides the set changes, it has been fun to finally see the other three shows! This is what makes the festival so fun. All the hard work starts coming together and we share this experience with each other. It has also been a great time to meet the other cast members and all be together! There are so many people involved I don't even know how to count. I am also working on the biography and head shots for all the actors, directors, writers, costumers, and crew and it is taking forever. It feels like there are 100 people working on this. Lots of crazy fun! I will share some of this fun with you.

Here are pictures of some of my cast watching the other performances. My cast always sits together like the little collective they are. Getting into character! 

Here is a picture of me sitting with Reilly (Kirby) and Max (Steve) before they get into places. Selfie!

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