Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Gussied Up

Now that tech is done we move on to one of the most exciting days for actors, directors, and playwrights alike (though no one will actually admit it because real theatre should only involve the true portrayal of a well-defined character who sure as hell doesn't need a costume for further development so it's not actually a big deal or whatever...). Dress rehearsal! Yay! Okay, so, I get it. Costumes shouldn't alter the way you portray that character you've spent the past x number of weeks developing (except for when they totally alter you movement-- "what do you mean you can no longer lift your arms above your belly button, you silly actor, you?"-- then you have a completely legitimate excuse). But actually, costumes definitely shouldn't lead to some unforeseen massive changes to characters or blocking and if they do, then that's a problem. And they pretty much never do because incredible, magic (or crazy hard working-- one or the other) people known as "costume designers" somehow anticipate nearly every issue possible and seemingly effortlessly prevent them (Note: Nothing they do is, in fact, effortless. It's all an illusion. Don't let yourself be fooled. They work their asses off so don't let them get away with making you think they don't deserve your profuse thanks and admiration.).

Pre-Costumed Antics (Photo Credit to Dr. Elizabeth Helman)

So, yeah, back to costumes. No matter what people say, they're fun. They're super fun. Like 4 year-old sneaking into grandma's closet and putting on a fashion show fun. Why is it that dressing-up like an eighty year-old woman or a technology-shunning cult member struggling through his toast obsession is oh-so entertaining? The answer to that, dear Reader, is simple. Because you get to pretend you're someone you're not. For a moment, matching pastels and black pants are a-ok. You get to be a ridiculous mess and then shed your Jehovah Witness-esque frock and return to the real world. As a writer, costumes give the goofy little world that was once but a figment of my imagination life. And that's cool. Really cool. Seeing a world you've worked so hard to collaboratively develop with your super talented cast and crew suddenly come to life is awesome. It's why theatre's just a little magical. So, yeah, I'm going to be stoked about these costumes. I don't care what you say. Unless it's a big thanks to Barbara Mason because she's incredible.    

What'd I Tell You? Magic! (Photo ala Liz)
More Magic's Coming! Stay Tuned!

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