Monday, April 27, 2015

Things Are Movin' Along

Here we are again. Blogging. Living. I realize I missed posting anything last week but we've made progress with "Answer Me"! We had our first read through! Yay! Of course I wasn't there to experience it. We can all thank rehearsing for the presentation of the compositions in second year music theory for that, but I hear it went well! And we start rehearsals soon so I am very excited to see how this all comes together.

If I have one piece of advice for the actors as we begin the process, it's to not worry about putting the play on "correctly." I don't writer for stage assuming the play is going to be performed a very specific way, just as novel writers don't assume everyone is going to get the same message out of their books. I know what the play means to me and I've made peace with that. The exciting part happens now when I get to see what the play means to other people. So the last thing I want is for the actors to feel the need to put on the show I want to see put on, because I want to see the show they want to put on.

That's all I have to say for now. So...Go Beavs.



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