Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cheep Cheep 3

What's up mother cluckers. It's yo boy Alex here, again. 

The cool thing about being a director is that I get to make everyone memorize their lines. In contrast, I don't have to memorize a thing. I can just sit there in my chair, with my long cigarette holder, beret, and glass of wine and just watch them suffer through the whole play while they're getting off book. It's super relaxing. 

Though the wine could be better. I found that I average about 4 bottles of wine a rehearsal (our rehearsals are really long, like an hour and a half) which was quickly draining my bank account. To counter this I've switched to Franzia "The World's Most Popular Wine." Though it tastes more like "The World's Most Popular Anti-freeze," I've been more financially comfortable while still being able to do my duties as a director. If anything, the taste of Franzia in my mouth makes me more angry, which is useful in that I can turn my wrath upon the actors. I actually thought up some great additions to the play in one of my alcohol and power-induced rampages. 

I like the part where Bria hits Jackson and then yells at him (I showed her how to do it by hitting and yelling at him myself). I told her to yell louder but she couldn't and so I recorded myself yelling. We'll just throw the audio in for that line and no one will know the difference (assuming she can move her mouth like she's saying it). This great idea has been brought to you by Franzia.

Oh and our play is the best <Insert joke about chickens> come see it. Goodbye.

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