Monday, June 3, 2013

Tech Weekend.........

For those of you who don't know tech weekend is both fabulous and completely awful.

It is when the technical crew join the scene.
So imagine people who have never seen a play coming in early on a Saturday morning to work with the directors and designers.
Going cue to cue ironing out the problems over and over until we are happy.
Then a break...
Then we come back and the actors join us!!!
We then again we go cue to cue.

That is how it is normally.
And it went like that mostly.
Except the lighting designer wasn't there.
Remember in an earlier blog how I talked about lighting design ad nauseum?
And how I missed it?
Well guess what???
I got to help add and subtracted cues.
I got to play.
The SM (stage manager) thanked me for my help when really it should have been me thanking her.
I loved it.

The cue to cues with the actors went fast.
It was done when it was done.
But it wasn't painful.
Another difference is one of the plays had a full run through.
But is was a very funny play and it had the most inner cues so no one really minded.

That was Saturday.

On Sunday we were back to do dress.
Dress is the first time the actors get wear their costumes.
So problems come from that.
But not very many.
My actors were almost completely dressed.
We were missing a skirt for one and a shirt for another.
(That is now fixed!)
They look really good.
The costumer designers (a class) did a great job.

There were a few problems with the cue and somehow the old light board got stuck (I got to fix it!) but Sunday was smooth.

It was ever so much fun.

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