Monday, June 3, 2013

Reading Signs

The street signs
And now it comes time for a little information about two signs that Abbey and I got, because we couldn't help ourselves...

Clearly one is a name of a river from the Greek mythology, but how many would really know what it means? Then, of course the second sign is from the Christian faith and t be honest I didn't know anything about the road to Damascus until one night when Abbey and I were talking and she mentioned it. Of course when I asked her about it's story even she said that it was the only road from the Christian faith that she could think of... but we'll start with the river Styx.

In Greek mythology:

The river Styx is one of the five main rivers of the underworld and is the river of hatred, but all souls cross this river as long as they can pay their way. The custom is to place a coin, called an obol, in the deceased's mouth, so that when the ferryman, Charon, comes down the river for them, they can pay. Once passed the river Styx they had to pass Cerberus's judgment before they were able to go to their place in the underworld.

In the Christian faith:
The road to Damascus is a story that may not be as well known and as I said before, I didn't really know and honestly I now only know the bare minimum, but it's enough to justify putting the name on a street sign for my play. Any way...
As I have found out, the road to Damascus is where Saul of Tarsus, later Paul one of the apostles, and his companions are struck down by a blinding light. Saul heard the voice of Jesus, who told him that he must change his ways and after being lead to Damascus (lead, because of temporary blindness) he is convinced be a few events that he should become a speaker for God. So Saul changes his name and becomes Paul, one of Jesus's twelve apostles.

Saul being struck down

So the reason that Abbey and I agreed that Damascus was appropriate on the stage was because it is a story of  major change in a persons life, which is exactly what all of the characters in Those Who Really go to the Crossroads  are going or have already gone through.

Here's hoping I explained things just enough for everyone to like what Abbey and I have done.

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