Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tech weekend...

The crossroads
This last couple of days were, what is known, tech weekend and are a marker for the one-act festival that most of us kind of dread because it shows that opening night is coming closer. Saturday went by rather smoothly, as my and Abbey's one-act only has a couple lighting changes and no need for any kind of sound effects.

The picture above is the set for Those Who Really go to the Crossroads, it's very simple and open, which is more of a challenge for Abbey (the director) to work with, but she has told me that she actually likes working with sets like this. In my original script, I had written that there was a bench, a lamp post, and a trash can, so really the number of object hasn't changed, just what they are and where they go on the stage.

Tech weekend sounds exactly like what it sounds, it's where the directors, tech crew, and in this case, the writers have to wake up early, go to the theatre and attempt to figure out what lights will make the actors look good... Some shows go really smoothly, some not so much... but with this show everything went well and I'm looking forward to opening night.

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