Saturday, June 1, 2013

Billner 7

6 Blogs down, 2 to go!

The first run-through was the point where it really hit me that this play is going to happen. Now I can officially cross that notch off my belt.
The run-through itself was really interesting, I finally got to see the hard work of my cast and director, as well as the work that went in to everyone else's production. Everyone was a little nervous about performing for the  first time, and even after a few line calls, and some breaking down and laughter, it went well.
I'm really impressed with the cast as a whole. They've really brought these simple characters alive and created some really funny moments. I still laugh at a few of my favorite parts, where Mr. Billner gently strokes the hair of Mrs. Billner and asks. "Aren't you a convict playing my wife?" I never imagined that way of reading it and whether it was Alex and Derek, Tuckers idea, or both, they did a great job! There is not much else to say at this point. Tech is going on right now, and thinking that I may have been a genius in scheduling 20 hours of work into 2-3 days. I'm not able to attend tech and assist with the cue to cue. Which is fine, I think I would just be in the way of a very stressful process. Maybe I can talk them into getting a live feed into my work computer so I can Skype? Regardless the shows are shaping up and I'm proud to put my name on this show with the excellent cast and crew.

I'll close with some kind words that someone left me after viewing my show for the first time.

"You're really fucked up aren't you?"

George Caldwell

A little bit George, a little bit.

Here's to opening night on Wednesday!

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