Monday, June 10, 2013

Leaving the Crossroads

the Crossroads
In winter term I wrote this one act and I didn't really have much hope for it before anyone, but me had seen it. I thought it was going to be boring and that no one would like it, but I was wrong. Once it was work shopped in class I realized that I actually wrote something with potential. And so after a few rewrites and some head banging against the wall, Those Who Really go to the Crossroads came to life.

At the end of winter term the directors had been chosen and it wasn't long after that that I knew my play would be put on stage for the One-Act festival. I can't say that I was completely at ease with Abbey Pasquini as my director, even though I knew that she had experience and lots of talent, but this is because my play at that time was still, for lack of better words, my baby.

Spring term hit and so did the rehearsals... I was unable to go to most of the beginning rehearsals because I was already involved in the Misanthrope rehearsals... So once I got to my play, it had already turned into something more alive, than just words on the page.

For me it didn't take long for my writers brain to stop fussing about line changes (not that there were a lot mind you) and my attention focused upon helping Abbey, like a good assistant director should do... Ok well there wasn't a lot for me to do, but still I was there.

Then it happened... Opening night... And that play of mine was not only mine, but the directors, and the actors, and I was able to sit back and love every moment of it.

From Jayden's struggles to Botis's wanderings, Cerberus's hatred of women to Shax's boredom with her work, it was all such a pleasure to write and to see and so with closing night being yesterday, I can only say thank you to everyone who had a hand in the one-acts. Truly, I had a great time.

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