Monday, June 10, 2013

Future Future Dear God Entry 8 (The Dear God It's Over Edition)
"Don't worry Juno, Alex won't look up another picture for a long time."

While striking the set I had a little revelation. I had been having a lot of fun.
I don't want to say that I hadn't realized this earlier, working with funny people on a funny show, but it hit me with some greater significance as I wrapped up the donated props in time machine tarp.
I tend to sweat the little things. I like to think of this as productive stress, but it may not be the best way of handling the many little obstacles that appear when directing a production.

In the case of FFDG there were always little details that my brain screamed for to be fixed in order to best embody my vision of the play. I saw this discomfort manifest when I had a notepad with me during runs. At least two pages of nit-picking emerged every time I was vigilant. While there was decent feedback included, the amount of unnecessary notes soon became apparent as I tried to get through my feedback within a short time frame, and nearing opening night my feedback became too much too late in the game.

What I realized is that sometimes it is perfectly appropriate to relax, to kick back a little, to trust your actors (being talented as they are) to make appropriate choices for their characters. I need to realize that since I've seen  the show a hundred times I know exactly what is supposed to happen and need to keep from being irked when an important detail changes, is left out, or replaced.

Going back to my revelation, I was able to really have fun when I let go. When after the first few nights I stopped giving notes entirely, still being there for support and to talk some about the performance, but not forcing my direction on the actors in between performances. Then all of a sudden I found myself laughing with the audience each night as little differences emerged from the creativity of the cast, or in instances where a clutch ad-lib would replace a missed cue.

Remember, if you really love something enough you will let it go free.

But enough sappiness, I bid thee adieu friends. Alex Ries, signing off.

Wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more...

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