Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy and Sad

There is only one show left before strike (for those of you who don't know, strike means to take away the set and take it apart if necessary.)

And as this day dawns the feeling that of both relief and terrible sadness weighs heavily on me.
It is a odd mixture that I have only found in the theatre. 
As I am deeply involved in theatre I have felt this odd combination at different levels throughout the years. 
You have to give up large amount of time to be involved in a play.
Dinner with friends.
Even the ability to see other plays.

It is exhausting, exhilarating and (sadly and wonderfully) evanescent.
I have never thought about the drama masks as anything but a representation of tragedy and comedy.
But today I did.
To a thespian they are so much more.
It is the emotions we put into this world we make.
The emotions that happen at the same time.

Chosen because this year was heavily of a comic nature.
I can't wait for the one acts to be over.
I really don't want them to be over.

Those emotions are waring with each other. 
I feel both at the same time.
It sounds crazy.
Doesn't it?

It has been so much fun and a great experience.
I have had a wonderful cast.
I adore my writer.
My fellow class mates have been fun getting to know.
And my teacher is great.
I will miss all that.

The Cast! And the signs.
It is a weird feeling like I have said.
Today is going to be the last show.
And I am happy and sad about it.

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