Friday, June 7, 2013

Dramaturgy! ... Hmm ... Maybe not.

So after listening to two women if front of me last night discuss elements of the play I'd thought I do a post about the meanings behind everything.

I was going to go into the meaning behind then names and the signs. 
It was going to be fun. 


I was only ankle deep into the research of the names of my characters when I realized that the only places where you could get information on the name Megan (the writer) choose for them was websights that were telling you how to summon demons. 

As I read I got a little bit freaked out. 
I knock on wood.
I cross my fingers.
I wish on stars.
I make wishes at 11:11.
I do not play with ouija boards.
I do not step in fairy circles.
A fairy circle is a circle of mushrooms that in myth is made by fairies and if you step into one and the fairies want, they can take you away with them.
I do NOT summon demons.
no No NO!
I do not even like to be on a page that talks about summoning demons.
I do mess with that kind of stuff.

I am impressed that Megan could be on the sight long enough to read through multiple devil, demons and demi demons to pick the ones she uses.
I could not have. 
I would have stopped writing about them.
And I am glad she didn't because I really enjoyed working on this play. 
But my plans to regale you with information has fallen flat.

Because first of all...
If you want to know how to summon demons that is up to you!
It's not hard to look it up.

And second of all...
Megan wrote all about the signs (you should go read her blog if you haven't already).
Why we choose them and everything.
And I feel that is unnecessary to rewrite what she has already stated..

Since I was going to be a dramaturg and then really really couldn't.
I decided to dramaturg the meaning behind the word dramaturg.
To make up for the absents of devils.
  • A definition of Dramaturgy is a distinct practice separate from play writing and directing, although a single individual may perform any combination of the three. A dramaturge works on the historical and cultural research into the play or its setting. Etc.
This is the first joke meme I found. I am still confused as to what they do. Are you?
This is the second. Makes much more sense. 

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