Friday, June 7, 2013

Billner 8

Well it's finally opening weekend for the plays. We have 3 more shows left, and it's already off to a great start.

The experience of being a playwright has been really fun. I do miss acting in a play this term, especially since there were a few characters I wouldn't have minded being from the other playwrights. The break from the memorizing and rehearsing and the stress of dealing with performing consistently was nice. The cast has done a great job. It's damn near close to being what I had pictured in my head. Plus there were a few things that the actors and director brought to it that I really enjoy and never thought of. My personal favorite is Squeaky boobs. They should really be a standard device in comedy, I've seen it a few times now and they still crack me up. I've only been able to sit in on one of the nights, from what I've heard it's been killing every night. I'd like to thank everyone who not only watched the show, but decided to reach out to me and compliment me on the play. It means a lot! I think after a few edits I might send it to a festival or something. Anyway my part in the process has been done for awhile, and I've been observing the creation that Tucker, the cast, and crew have been making. It's their baby now, and they should be proud. I'll continue to be the deadbeat dad that shows up to take credit for it's success.

It's time to approach the next step of being a successful writer, getting paid, and alcoholism. Hopefully in that order.

Break legs for the final shows cast!

Thanks everyone for the experience!

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