Thursday, June 6, 2013

Future Future Dear God Entry 7 (The let out a long and relieving sigh edition)
We dropped an A-bomb down his trousers
Opening night happened. Battle lines had been drawn. The gauntlet thrown down. A lot of people had paid four to eight dollars for their tickets, and they'd be damned if they weren't properly entertained. After the curtain call of the first show, the crowd sat quietly, tensing slowly as the transition music played, staring at the silvery tarp-covered object in front of them that was obtrusively labeled: "TIME MACHINE."Something was about to happen. The lights came up shockingly, exposing the minimalistic 1950s time travel laboratory. A gasp, perhaps from the man in the cutoff T-shirt and nighttime sunglasses sitting house right. Dr. Vonfeldsteinburgerberg began with his first line, but then, the unthinkable happened.

They laughed. Seriously? It wasn't a joke, okay, I get that he's obviously a bald, crazed, ex-German scientist, but come on everyone we've got a lot funnier stuff than this, well we hope. I mean, this isn't supposed to be a sitcom, where you laugh, cheer, and clap when some popular reoccurring character merely enters. As Jim Carrey's interpretation of Andy Kaufman put it, sitcoms are the basest, lowest forms of entertainment.

However, the understudy for Lt. Ronny Colderman was only partially flustered, but stuck to his guns and played off the first scene as if he did not give one single fuck about the shit that the doctor was saying. The laughter continued unabated and fantastically. By the end, doves flew through the air, people with disabilities were miraculously cured of the ailments, and the Lord was pleased.

Leaving this unrealistic interpretation of events aside. The audience was great (I had paid off about a third of them) and really gave the cast enough energy to carry it onward to the effect of egregious hilarity. That was last night, tonight we had a much smaller crowd but the show still made everyone laugh and the actors (now a consistent cast with the parting of their dear ego-inflated director actor) pulled through admirably. Can't wait until the big crowds this weekend.

Until next time, may your dreams always have more dreams in them.

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