Thursday, June 6, 2013

Opening night and Characters!

The cast
Opening night has come and gone, I know I'm a little late in saying this, but all of the actors were awesome and were just as wonderful tonight for the second show in the run.

Now that the show has opened, I've had many a person ask me how I feel about seeing my play on stage. While the first few rehearsals had me a bit on edge, it didn't take me long to relax and enjoy watching my characters come to life.

And speaking of which, here they are:


Played by Jonathan Thompson, Jayden is the man who is at the crossroads to make a deal with the devil. As the play goes n Jayden tells of his wife's death and it is because of that , that he wants a deal to bring her back.

 Played by Brittany Potter, Botis is a barefooted wanderer. She ran from her past life and tells Jayden that she's forgotten where her home was. She is the first to find out anything about Jayden, she is also one of the reasons that Jayden does not immediately leave.


Played by Alex Johnsten, Cerberus is a man who seems to have been wealthy at one point or another, but is now hanging around the crossroads. Cerberus makes Jayden truly think about what's so important to him and is pushed to defend his reasons.

Played by Alycia Olivar, Shax is the last one the characters to make an appearance and Abbey like to refer to her as "a flame". She works for a certain someone... While it's never actually said who, it's clear that Shax has more power than most. She is the last push in makeing Jayden tell his story, so that by then end everyone understands why he felt that he had to come to the crossroads.

Everyone in this play has or has had, to lose or gain something they want. I've loved watching this whole process and I really have liked watching my play become something real.

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