Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Almost there.....

The last few rehearsals have been a lot of fun.

The process has gone from being very individual and focusing on the one play that we were doing with our group of 6 and now it has come together with three other plays and around 30 other people and costumes and makeup and sets and sound and lights. It was a lot of fun to watch it all get put together over the weekend and see how the other plays have come since the term started. For the most part I had only seen the scripts of the other three plays and watching them rehearse with all of their components and little nuances made me really excited for the whole one act festival after being so focused on La Vie.

The order that was chosen is going to be perfect and I think the show will amazing with all the different aspects that each play is adding to it. After seeing them done three or four times and knowing the jokes that are coming or the dramatic parts that are meant to get ya I am excited to watch this with a fresh audience who have no idea what is going to be coming next and see how the react to everything that has been built into these plays over the term.

Ricky Zipp

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