Wednesday, June 5, 2013

La Vie en Rose: script to stage

La Vie en Rose has changed dramatically from what was put down onto paper. The words are obviously all still there but the additions from Mike and the cast has brought it to life in a way that I never exactly pictured. The biggest lesson I learned was how writing can exist as Genius in your head when existing on paper and then when moved towards action it is absolute shit. I had never been involved with a theater performance so seeing the process go along has definitely helped in how I would tackle another script.

Being able to let go of the writing has also been a great experience. The collaboration that has happened is amazing and without that the final product would have never been able to be as good as it is now. All the actors have slowly become the characters that they were merely reading when we began and the scene of the play has begun to take shape around that. And this does not need to be done from elaborate ideas about the execution of the material but very simple and subtle contributions have that reality out and allowed the imaginative aspect to dominate instead of the straight forward "city street" scene that I had in my head while writing it.

Ricky Zipp

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