Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Run Through...

Tonight we had our first run through off script in front of an audience (Well, sort of in front of an audience. It was all the other actors, directors, and play-writers). I am very proud of all the actors and feel they did a wonderful job. It was also exciting to watch the performance from the viewpoint of an audience member. Alex (the Director) has done a very good job of keeping us all on task and that was demonstrated tonight with this practice performance. I was very pleased how the audience responded as well. Usually with comedies the smaller the crowd the less comfortable people feel laughing at jokes and gags. And although our audience was fairly small tonight, the responses were still quite palpable. It was a relief for me as the writer of the play to hear people laughing at things I intended to be funny and not laughing at things that were intended to not be funny. In other words everything went as planned.
We still have a lot of work to do before next week, and soon we will begin focusing more on the 'tech' aspects of the play, which will yet again be a new experience for me. I am really excited for the One Act Festival! All the other plays are looking great and each one brings its' own unique flavor to the festival. There will be comedy (hopefully), drama (definitively), violence (sparsely), romance (sort of), and a box! It is going to get real...

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