Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Future Future Dear God Entry 4 (The Dear God I'm now an Understudy Edition)

Hello friends.

It's no secret that we've had a rocky, revolutionary road in terms of casting. We had a Ronny, then shortly lost a Ronny, and then got a new Ronny. We had a Brian, and then the actor portraying Brian misinterpreted "break a leg" as a literal suggestion. So we had Bryan play Brian as well as the doctor, which eerily worked out in ways that nobody expected, and we assumed that our bad luck had run out. However, it recently came to our attention that new Ronny would be unable to make the first performance (Wednesday of next week) due to an unchangeable final.


Naturally, it would be quite a hard sell to approach someone and say: "Hey man, would you like to learn all these lines and blocking and rehearse like mad for the next week so that you can do a single cobbled-together performance?"  And seeing that we've had a shortage of male leads, possibilities of snaring a new actor seemed dismal. After briefly looking into the bleak options and seeking advice, there seems to be a (maybe) acceptable solution.

So I'm doing it. Whatever, it's cool, I took a class on acting once... It's going to be interesting, memorizing these lines and being the lead character in a play that I'm directing (thankfully only for opening). However, we've done a run-through with me and since I've seen the thing about a hundred times it comes together pretty easily. I am however, put in that awkward position of not wanting to give any direction or notes after my own run-through because that seems like a really douchey thing to do. I almost want to set up new Ronny or Mike (the playwright) as pseudo-director so that I can have a different perspective along with some much needed humility.

Well, I'm off to memorize. Make sure you attend opening night on Wednesday for my director-actor debut.

Remember, when you're on the Titanic, make sure you don't stay on the ship but rather grab a cabinet or something, and then sink and die.

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