Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh Run-throughs...

So last night (5/28) we had our first full run-through for the whole one act festival for the first time!

It was... nice... and a bit stressful. As the first time with any kind of an audience, aside from myself and Abbey (the director), the actors were a bit flustered, but that's to be expected. For me, as the writer, it, quite frankly, was nearly unbearable... This is not to say that the actors weren't great, but my stress was high.

It's hard to pull away and even at the beginning when the actors still had scripts in hand, I got a little worried when lines were changed, but it's ok and the whole process has gone really well, it's just first times are always the hardest.

One more hiccup in the kick off to the run-throughs was a box...

Thanks to Alexa Johnson for the pic.
This box is met to be in the show, but it was the first time anyone had seen the box and for some reason, my mind had always pictured it to be... smaller. Really it's fine and Abbey has to figure out how to make the thing easier for the actor who uses it to handle.

On a plus side we now have street signs which abbey and I got ourselves, and they look absolutely wonderful. One sign has "Styx" on it and the other reads "Damascus" both have meaning, one within Greek mythology and the other in Christian belief, I'll write about those stories in another blog, so as to keep you hangin'.

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