Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Box...

The Box...

Photo courtesy of Alexa Jonson (thanks sweetie!)

It's funny.
Very funny..
Almost too funny...


Time to re-block a huge section of my play.
Oh well.

Now on to other things.
Tonight was the first run through with all the plays, directors, writers, actors, techies, costumers and supervisors in the audience.
Kind of intense. 

The audience... (in black and orange!)
It was also my actors first time on stage since this weekend and being off book. 
It went better then I thought it would.
The stress of watching the actors you have directed, laughed with, and adore; get completely lost while trying to work around a huge brand new obstacle (The Box) as new people who have never seen the play watch and (since the SM <--- stage manager was there for the first time tonight too) try to help, is excruciating. 

They were so wonderful. 
They calmed the laughter they couldn't help but feel (again The Box) and plowed through the trouble sections while accepting a new voice (the SM) giving information (line anyone?) with grace. 

George Caldwell was there and I can't wait to see what he does with the lighting. 
I might need to modify my blocking a little once he is done, but it will be worth it because the lights will be beautiful. 
An early evening feel to my play.  
With maybe just a little top light on 'The Box'.
To give nothing away while telling the audience that it's there. 
I love the art of lighting a stage. 
I miss it. 

One outfit is down(ish).
Brittany Potter, my actress who plays Bertha Botis, was a fantastic person and found the perfect summer dress for her character.
Now tomorrow I just need to get the rest of the outfits figured out. 
And silly little things like props.

It is all coming together.
And before I close this post I want to thank Ken Richardson for 'The Box'. 
(For those of you who don't know Ken, he is O.S.U.'s very own magic worker! He can do the impossible in very little time.)
It was so much fun having 'The Box' tonight. 
And once the hiccups are worked out, it will be amazing.
This is so much fun!

We're getting close!
You should all come and see it!

Because Dachshunds make everything even better!

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