Wednesday, April 24, 2013

La Vie en Rose....character descriptions

We have completed the casting and are preparing for our first read through so I guess this would be a good time to go through and do a little character introduction…

Officer Toland: In the script it says “the cliché big muscled but big bellied police officer” which pretty much sums him up. He has a smaller role but towards the end he become fairly pivotal in the action. (He is not Irish.)

Bellhop: The bellhop is the connecting character. There isn’t too much ideology coming from the Bellhop but she is the swing between the two worlds of the upper class and the poor. While every other character drives the ending action except for her the Bellhop makes the decision that decides that fate of each one.

Anne: The best way to describe Anne is through the famous Great Depression picture above. She is not too old but has lived plenty of life and that can be seen in her demeanor. She comes on stage hunched over, dirty and tore up clothes from living on the streets. She kind of represents this innocence within the whole world. She is not caught up in the politics of the times and she is not laying down blame but she is experiencing the worst of the times and decides to keep going day by day.

John: John is that Tom Joad (“ish”) character from The Grapes of Wrath. He is caught between the ties of his family and responsibility to survive peacefully because of that. However, he has that urge to revolt against ideals he knows are wrong and can no longer let exist. He is young and driven by emotion, anger but to him it would be a justified anger and really the only option that he has been given.

Mr. Jackson Farrow: Mr. Farrow is clearly the antagonist to John. He is rich and powerful and has complete control. He rules his kingdom, as simply as that. He knows more than anyone else the reality that he exists in and does not have time for ideological views of how the world “should” be but how the world is.

The title itself comes from a song by Edith Piaf and there are many different renditions but Louis Armstrong’s is the specific version that I kept listening too which you can hear HERE

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