Wednesday, May 1, 2013

La Vie en Rose: And let the rehearsals begin…

I have never been a part of theater before and it really wasn't until auditions that I fully realized that this was going to be onstage, played out in front of an audience. But it was more of surrealistic experience instead of a nerve racking one.  Our rehearsals have begun this week and it is an amazing thing to see these words that have been written down and edited (and edited and edited and edited) not just being spoken but being acted out.The cast that Mike chose are doing great and seeing the little pieces being put together, and the actors bringing these characters to life to what is going to be a final performance is a lot of fun.

I was able to catch portions of a “Future, Future; Dear God” rehearsal and realized the crazy arrangement of one acts we will all have together. Going from Mike’s stoner-semi sci-fi comedy with an ex-Nazi scientist and then Megan’s mixing of Christian and Greek mythologies (throwing in a womanizing box man) to a conversation of political ideologies in the 30’s/40’s to Chris’s "The Unfortunate Case of Mr. Billner"…it’s going to be a fun night to say the least.

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