Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Director? Check. Actors? Check.

A very important chair...

In truth the director had already been chosen for Those Who Really Go to the Crossroads, but I chose to put off actually introducing her until now.

Abbey Pasquini is the director who will take on this one-act and put it on the stage, adding her own thoughts and artistic style. I'm so excited to work with her, because I have confidence that she will bring all of the elements of the play to life in a way that both, her and I, will be proud of.

Now as for the cast. Auditions finished not all that long ago and I must say that I am really quite happy with the actors that Abbey (with some input from me) has chosen for each role.

Of course, the challenge has yet to come... rehearsals... Which of course will be equally as fun and nerve-wracking as the actual performance.

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