Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There is something about taking a piece of art and making it come to life that is scarily addicting. 
I have just finished directing and yet here I am again. 
Reading through a play finding information the author didn't even realize she put in there. 
I know this because I can talk to the author. 
Which is so much fun! 
We brain storm together, even though my say is final I'm enjoying having this new dynamic. 
If she has strong feeling about one of my ideas she is not afraid to voice her thoughts and we talk it through. 
Casting was easy as our understanding of the characters (while not equal by any means) was simpatico. 
By some wonderful chance we were able to get our first choice for every character. 
I really feel blessed to be in this class working on this play with a fabulous group of people.

Cerberus can.

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