Thursday, April 18, 2013

Billner Playwright Blog 2

After the responses in the director's class one thing was clear, my play needed some work. There were things I never noticed that the director's pointed out that didn't make any sense, like how Billner left his wife some time ago, but she somehow acquired his jacket and other minor plot points. It helps to have a new set of eyes on it, and I feel this draft is substantially stronger than it was before. 
Watching the auditions was kind of fun (although I had a pretty awful cold the whole time) it was an interesting and enlightening experience to see all these brand new people step up to the plate and interpret my and the other playwrights characters. I was really impressed with the turnout! Although I was kind of jealous since I love acting, and there were a few parts I wouldn't mind being in, but this will be a great opportunity to see whats on the other side of the spectrum of putting on a show. 
Tucker definitely made some good choices on casting, when we talked later about who we wanted we were on the same page, and we got a cast of people who were in our list of choices so that's great. The next step will be the read-through where I can see them put the whole play into action, and decide if any more changes need to happen.

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