Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tech Weekend: Meet the cast of Maverick!

Countdown to opening night: 2 days.

This weekend was filled with a whirlwind of tech and dress rehearsals which given the short frame of time also included full makeup. Now, tech rehearsals are bad enough with any show, but with four shows, four directors, and an 18 person cast (at least four of which appear in multiple shows) things are apt to get a little daunting. Did I mention there are over a hundred light cues? Fun day.

Actually, tech went surprisingly smoothly as can be summed up by Colin’s earlier post. Got through everything alright, no one died or contracted a life threatening ailment, and we even got the all the set changes blocked out. I’d call that a win.

In terms of Maverick, we finally got to see what all of the crazy schizophrenic lights looked like, and I must say, the Minister of Purple things would be pleased. Lighting for this show is very important as it is the indicator for the real and the imaginary as the opposing characters and the audience is sucked into John’s delusions.

John’s the main character by the way—did I ever mention that? Nope. I certainly did not. Well, since this will probably be the last post by me until the show opens, how about a little character introduction?

John Milton: A young man who gets engaged to the girl of his dreams, and is thereby finally forced to confront his schizophrenia which takes its shape in Maverick. (Played by Tommy Pitts)

Maverick: John’s imaginary and eccentric best friend who is very much opposed to being gotten rid of. (Played by John Kish)

Christina: John’s bubbly fiancĂ©, who has convinced John to commit himself into a medium-term psychiatric ward so that he can be cured of his schizophrenia. (Played by Alexa Johnson)

Doctor: An unsympathetic psychiatrist with the tendency to drone. (Played by Alex Jones)

Nurse: An energetic mother hen with a knack for making up strange sayings. (Played by Megan Grassl)


1: Jerri—Formally suicidal, but now a ball of energy thanks to some heavy medication. (Played by Richelle Jean-Bart [middle])

2: Andy—A little off in all the ways possible, but always smiling and happy. (Played by Alex Ries [right])

3: Leslie—Plagued with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and just hasn’t quite found the right medication yet. (Played by Tucker Minnick [left])

And today was first dress—hence the cool costumes there all wearing. Do you see a theme?

Wednesday is opening night, don’t miss out! And if you do, promptly buy a ticket for any of the other show dates to rectify the situation.

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