Monday, June 12, 2017

Love Games: Who are these humans?

Name: Nikki Hill
Role: Dr. Dahnrae Duran
Favorite line: "woah..sup bruh" "hi"
Favorite show/role you've done: this one! 
3 interests: dance, pasta, shoes
Fun fact: I have (tiny) metal plates in my face
Favorite summer activity: sleeping 

Name: Stuart Ashenbrenner
Role: Pablo in Love Games
Favorite line: “Do I look like I’m joking, Paul?"
Favorite show/role you've done: a dopey version of Longaville in Love’s Labour’s Lost at Bard in the Quad
3 interests: Playing piano and violin, coaching high school basketball, listening to Frank Sinatra on vinyl while drinking whisk(e)y (Sorry, I’m Canadian)
Fun fact: One day, last summer, I judged a pig livestock show at the Benton County Fair, then two hours later went and performed Shakespeare at Bard in the Quad.
Favorite summer activity: Floating down the dangerously, pseudo-poisonous Willamette River, Road trips to anywhere that isn’t Corvallis, and WEDDINGS (I may or may not be a hopeless romantic...)

Name: Keiley "Moss" Neill
Role: Helen
Favorite line: "She will rue the day she crossed Helen Vasquez!"
Favorite show/role you've done: (HARD ONE...) Claudia the Invisible Girl in Horror High the Musical's original cast production
3 interests: Shakespeare, karaoke and online roleplaying
Fun fact: I can chirp like a cricket (requires some effort; may refuse if you ask me to do it.) 
Favorite summer activity: Working the Clark County Fair with my Cousins. 

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