Friday, June 2, 2017

Love Games: A Play about Love, Deception and Sweet Sweet Revengre

"Getting ready for the best night. Best night of my life, Everything is going to be just right. Putting on a robe that's warm, but light. *Sprays Perfume* Squirt-Squirt Best-best. *Pour Wine* Glug-glug Best-best. Getting ready, my tummy is your nest, because I'm stepping in the best. Ahhh, best."
-Roger Smith

In other words it's show night! All the work of the past months have been building up to this. The One Act festival. We've been ready for this for past week. Our first night was great and I can only see it getting for the rest of the nights.
Last night was a big night for me. Not only was it the first night patrons saw the show, but my grandparents came to see my show. I was a very nervous for them to see, because my play may be more progressive than they are, but my fears went away because my grandma loved it. It made me feel good and even more excited for the rest of the nights.
It was decided that I would be the main Stage manager for the show and I would call the production. It's always a bit weird getting adjusted to people listening to what I need them to do, but it has been working out very well. It can be tough, because I treat everyone's mistakes as my own. Luckily there hasn't been too many, but still my stomach flip flops whenever there is mistakes.
I am so proud of what we have as a cast, all three shows have come together and it has worked so well together.

Everyone should come see the show. It runs for the rest of this weekend June 2nd-4th. The 2nd and 3rd at 7:30, house opens 7:00pm. 4th at 2:00, doors open at 1:30. It's at the Withycombe Lab Theatre, Bring your families, friends, lovers, everyone! Spread the word and it'll be good fun!

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