Friday, May 12, 2017

Scheduling: The Two Minds of Mr. Coffan

Presently, I am in the middle of acting in OSU's mainstage production of The Upward Beating Heart and if there is one thing that I have learned over the course of this term, it's that there are not enough hours in the day. Now granted, I have come to this conclusion many times but it feels especially pressing in this season of life. With graduation on the horizon, getting engaged, and being heavily involved with not one but two plays you could say I have a lot on my plate. In addition, I have a busy cast as well. Between sports, classes and jobs it has been difficult to coordinate schedules. Thankfully, through it all, we are still making progress. This last week we had our first off book date and I can see the characters coming to life now that the script is out of their hands. In this production especially, I am encouraging my actors to make big gestures (no t-rex arms as I am constantly saying) so that we can separate the fiction from reality. As Liz always says, acting can't happen until the scripts are out of your hands, and I can say - this is SO true. The sooner you are off book, the more that you can do. I'm looking forward to our next rehearsal where we will finish blocking the whole one act! It's good to know that I have a hardworking cast that keeps pushing through. Now that The Upward Beating Heart is up, I can't wait to devote more time to this project and see where it takes us without scripts!

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