Friday, May 5, 2017

Building Blocks

Rehearsals have begun! Okay, aside from the read through, we've had a total of one rehearsal that I have been to (had to take a few sick days); but, will be more next week I'm sure! Last time I was at rehearsal, Dona started blocking the play and I got to take pictures of her blocking the play (yay!). We plowed through two scenes of blocking and got to run them a couple times. Watching the actors start adding their own quirks to the characters was a lot of fun to watch. Personally, seeing Joe (featured on the left) practically pirouette as Mr. Baldwin was a highlight of that rehearsal.

Since then, we've acquired a set. I think my favorite set piece is George's writing chair. It's pleather, since George--as a recent college graduate--is not lucrative enough to afford anything nice. Just by looking at it, I can imagine George (played by Nate) sinking into it as he fruitlessly tries to fix his terrible, terrible romance novel.

Costumes will be coming soon and I'm so excited to see what Cheyenne, our talented costumer, comes up with.

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