Friday, May 26, 2017

Run-Thrus: The Two Minds of Mr. Coffan

Hello All,

This week we have started company run-throughs and let me tell you it has been amazing to se what these One Acts have transformed into in such a short period of time. I still remember all of us reading over the plays that where chosen at the beginning of the term and now seeing them come to life has been amazing. I think all of you are in for a great festival. For my own cast, it has been extremely beneficial to run-through our show everyday this week. I have seen them make new discoveries and run with the notes that I am giving them. I also have been able to seem them gain confidence in their overall performances. The cue pick up is getting faster, the timing is getting better and we are thinking more and more about the story we are telling to our audience. After several days of working with the company, it was refreshing to get back to basics and have a rehearsal to ourselves. We are now able to have more conversations about what our characters objectives are and what their tactics are for getting there. We did a speed through as a cast as well which brought an immense amount of energy and focus - it helps the actors realize the need to listen to one another and that the other people on that stage have their back. I am looking forward to tech on Saturday and seeing things really transform on Sunday for our first dress rehearsal!


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