Friday, May 26, 2017

Caught up in my Love Games

It has been an extremely busy past couple weeks. I feel a constant pull and tug in every direction, but I've come to expect that. We have had a few ups and downs, but I feel that both PJ and I have taken it all with stride. With one person being recasted, Love Games is almost ready and I am so excited and yet so stressed. Pre-show jitters probably, just happening two weeks in advance. My nerves keep getting worse and worse even though I know it's all going well.
When I first wrote Love Games I didn't take it too serious. With time, that really changed. I saw the actors create these characters that felt so real. It's so amazing and heartwarming that a play wrote is almost ready to premiere. Everyone has worked so hard, and no matter the outcome I know I will be proud of what I wrote and what PJ created with my work.
We begin dress on Sunday and I am so ready to see the cast in costume (well all the casts in costumes), and to show everyone what we have worked for these past few months.

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