Friday, April 28, 2017

Love Games: the meeting of our lovers

While I haven't posted in a couple week I must say that a lot has been happening. I'm so excited to finally have our cast and have gone through a few rehearsals.

The audition process:
While the auditions progress had begun I was not all too excited, well actually I was, but not as excited as I thought I was going to be. It didn't quite click that a play I actually wrote was going to be be produced and even though seeing the many people who showed up to audition wasn't surreal to me. It wasn't until we sat down and discussed who was being casted did I start feeling nervous excitement.

Casting Love Games was challenging to the extent our directors knew who they wanted to cast, and yet we had to all really work together to get who we saw best fit the roles there conflicts between parts and the people we were considering casting. All in all we got the cast we wanted and we're very excited to actually sit down with the actors.

Read Through and First Rehearsals:
Having everyone read the play together was a lot of fun. I saw our cast members individual personalities come out during the first few meetings. Our cast has already shown some of their own flare they can bring to their characters. Most importantly they already started to flowed together, which to me is really impressive.

I am so excited to really take off with my play! I love working with my cast and especially my director.

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