Friday, April 28, 2017

Hopping Along

     This past week has been hectic, without a doubt. Not only in regards to this production, but in general. However, in regards to this production, I have been relatively successful. While other casts have had multiple rehearsals all ready, I have not. Yet, I am not worried. This is the way I prefer to operate:
     To me, it is necessary and important to have blocking completely finished by the first rehearsal. It is important to have a complete set picture as well. I dislike working in a space in which I must constantly remind actors, "Hey, there's set piece B over there. You can't walk there." That was always unsettling to me as an actor, so I strive to not put actors in that position as a director.
     With this particular show, I also asked Mike to write an additional monologue. I felt it would be unfair to add the change after rehearsals had started as it would change the picture/shape of the show. Mike has been understanding and accommodating in this plan. I want to be fully prepared by the first rehearsal, so I do not want actors to have to alter their perception mid-rehearsal.

     Overall, I feel confident in where the entire production is at. I met with costume/make-up designers to discuss the full attire. I've sent out information about what I expect for productions, and I've had a chance to re-digest the story that I am tasked with telling. Yes, we are starting later than the other groups, but challenge accepted.

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