Saturday, June 4, 2016

Opening Night for Cake Top Follies
We had a great opening night. We had a lovely, energetic, full audience that was ready for some laughs. I was very nervous before the show. I put a lot of handwork into this show and letting it go was scary, but exciting for me. As the lights dimmed for the first show to start, I got butterflies in my stomach. Then show number two went on and my palms were sweaty. Then it was time for Cake Top.  They came out with more energy than I have seen from them in a month. It was awesome! The audience was laughing at new things and we even got an "OOOOOOOO!" in regards to Cynthia being called fat. It was so fun! I was so proud of my cast and of all the actors in the festival. I love being able to share what I love with the audiences, cast members and with my lovely crew of directors.

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