Monday, June 6, 2016

Maxwel Bettendorf - Brian Greer

I apologize for the extremely late posting of all these blogs, however these are records from various rehearsals and conversations with actors.

Maxwel Bettendorf plays the character of Gary. Gary is the other goon in the play. Gary, in a way, is dragged into this crisis rather than entirely choosing to be in it. However, he is the one that comes up with the plan for Blarney to impersonate Riverman. What Max brings to the table is energy, without a doubt. Known for hosting Dam Jam the past two years, he obviously has a great stage personality, and it was good to see him at the one-act festival again. He is charismatic as a person, and it translated to Gary.

I asked each of my actors five questions to respond to:

What is your character’s primary goal?
His goal is to uphold the status quo.

Who does your character trust the most? It does not have to be another character.
I think he trusts Poulette, even though he doesn't like working for him. He wants to ensure that the story carries on the way it’s supposed to, which is why he tells Blarney to put on Riverman’s costume.

What is your character’s relation to his parents?
I don’t know, I bet he’s an orphan actually. Like Brad said about Blarney, he's in a life of crime. And I think that’s why he trusts Poulette is because he is that father figure.

What is your character’s favorite novel?
I don’t think Gary reads.

Is your character a virgin?
God no.

The last is obviously an odd question, but it opens up a very personal side of the character and makes the actor think about something they wouldn't normally think about.

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