Sunday, June 5, 2016

Never Fretz! Hannah is here!

Hannah Fretz is an aspiring novelist, presently she is righting a young adult dystopian novel that is book one of a trilogy that she has been working on for four years. Her favorite food is her grandmas crumple berry pie, and her favorite textile pattern is aztec inspired. She has beautiful blonde hair with big blue eyes and is sincerely one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to work with during this process.

Hannah is my costumer and also an actor in Reed Morris' show "Dark King Kills Unicorn". 
She her concept for costuming my show was to dress the boys in kakis and red and blue sweaters, she dressed everyone for their parts and fit the stereotypes that I wanted perfectly.

Risa may have been my favorite costume, she was wearing a white nurses uniform with white fish nets, white pumps, red spankies, red choker, and a red cross on the breast pocket. 
Gabe and Joel work kakis, boaters, and sweaters, and underneath they both wore a white t-shirt, and red and black striped boxer briefs with a question mark painted on the crotch. 
Joe wore a business suit, loafers, glasses, and held a pipe. Honestly they looked amazing. 

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